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Your Blade's Best Friend!  BladeBuddy® the portable three tiered drawer saw blade storage container~

BladeBuddy® the three drawer organizer holds 12 mulitple sized circular saw blades. Each drawer holds and segregates a 10", a 8", a 7 1/4" and a 4-6" blade due to the unique tiered design. Tier depth is 4/16" in tier one and 3/16" for tier two and three. BladeBuddy® is 11.5" in diameter and weighs 4 lbs. Each BladeBuddy® part is constructed of a 2.4mm thickness (or a 2 penny thickness) of high quality airplane grade plastic to create a very strong and durable storage container that will last for years under typical construction use. BladeBuddy® is a convenient portable storage and blade protector! Increase your safety and productivity when completing projects at home and on the job!

Cost is $54.95 with free shipping within the lower 48 states of the US. Extra shipping fee for Alaska and Hawaii.

Customer Review:


Well thought out, Excellent build quality


Having a small shop with an uncommonly high tool density, I have little patience for clutter, cheap tools, and things I don't use repeatedly. I was so pleasantly surprised by the build quality and layout of this organizer, I may buy two more. My engineering senses were tingling by the well chosen plastic, solid layout, durable feel, and easy stacking/storing. Enough so, that I'm leaving a rare review on something predominantly plastic [shiver]. I couldn't be happier, now that my 4 different size blades plus my oddball festool blades all have a safe and well-organized home. Highly recommended.

Our Montana Story

BladeBuddy®, LLC. is a small family business in Montana , USA. My husband, David, the sole inventor of  BladeBuddy®, had a dream to place his portable circular saw blade storage container into the hands of those who love their saw blades. The idea or concept came to David when he was remodeling an older home and he needed a convenient, protective, and portable blade storage case instead of placing the various blades on his shop wall with nails or laying them on the work bench or in the work area. It has been a long road since the conceptional stage, yet on October 16, 2018, we were able to do just that! Our mom and pop company, BladeBuddy®, LLC., is proud to debut the three drawer portable storage container simply called 'BladeBuddy'!  David and I believe this high quality and unique storage design is truly  "Your Blade's Best Friend!  BladeBuddy®". 


Watch the above video to see the benefits and ease of use of David's BladeBuddy® three drawer circular saw blade storage container .

BladeBuddy®, LLC.

Butte, MT 59701   


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