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Well thought out, excellent built quality.

Having a small shop with an uncommonly high tool density, I have little patience for clutter, cheap tools, and things I don't use repeatedly. I was so pleasantly surprised by the build quality and layout of this organizer, I may buy two more. My engineering senses were tingling by the well chosen plastic, solid layout, durable feel, and easy stacking/storing. Enough so, that I'm leaving a rare review on something predominantly plastic [shiver]. I couldn't be happier, now that my 4 different size blades plus my oddball festool blades all have a safe and well organized home. Highly recommended.


As Advertised

This is a good product for storing your circular saw and table saw blades. The materials are good and sturdy. Good manufacturing practices and quality control were evident on the copy I received. The "drawers" that store the blades are "stepped down" like an upside down wedding cake. The smaller diameter blades go on the bottom of the drawer and your big table saw blades go on top. If you put the blades in properly they don't touch or bump into each other so there is little chance of chipping your precious carbide tips. In order to access your smaller blades you have to take the bigger ones out. In my view that is not a detriment nor is it intended as a criticism. I would buy another if the need arises. I would recommend this to a friend.

Safe Way to Store Saw Blades

The BladeBuddy permits a convenient way to store several varying sized saw blades. It is both a good way to protect the sharpness of the saw blades, it also protects the user from some sharp teeth. I found the purchase of the BladeBuddy to be very worthwhile.

Great Storage Solution for Circular Blades

Great product! I needed storage for my circular and table saw blades. The Blade Buddy is the perfect solution. They fit neatly and compactly into the case and are secure. I would definitely order again.

Awesome way to store and transport blades

I've been looking for a good way to store my saw blades for a while. When you spend $250 on a high quality blade, you need a good way to store it. This seems durable and keeps the blades from touching each other, which is great. I may buy another one! One for good sharp blades, and one for ones that need to be sharpened.

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