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BladeBuddy® is a portable container for conveniently storing and protecting multiple diameter circular saw blades in the shop or on the job. The container consists of three individual tiered trays or drawers. Each drawer has three molded tiers or steps for segregating and securely storing different diameter circular saw blades from one 4" to 6" blade on the bottom of drawer, one 7 1/4" blade on the third tier, one 8" blade on the second tier, and one  10" blade on the first tier. This strong and convenient storage container protects and securely stores saw blades in one place. BladeBuddy® keeps saw blades readily available as needed, while protecting the user's saw blade investment. BladeBuddy® is truly Your Blade's Best Friend.           



BladeBuddy® Three Drawer Portable Storage Container

SKU: 869744000406
    • Strong and durable portable storage container for circular saw blades.
    • Fully assembled and weighs 3.96 lbs without saw blades.
    • Safely carries up to 20-25 lbs when loaded with 12-15 blades.
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty.



  • Price of $54.95 includes shipping within the lower 48 states of US. Extra shipping fee to AK and HI.  UPS shipping is normally 3-5 business days.

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